A Snelson DataBase & Armory


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The Snelson DataBase & Armory started as a few entries in a little black book 50 years ago in 1969 - I still have it - and has become a bit of an ONS (One Name Study). I am fairly confident about the English and Welsh material as I have compiled most of that myself long before the Internet ever existed, the hard way from original records in St Catherine's House, genealogy libraries, churches and in cold, wet, muddy and sinking graveyards.

Twenty years after starting this journey, along came computers. Whoo-hoo. My first was a Sinclair ZX81 and then an Amstrad 386. I acquired several generations of software packages over the last 30 years including ROOTS III (from 1989) and ROOTS IV, Ultimate Family Tree (from 1997), The Master Genealogist (from 2003) and now Family Historian V.7 I even wrote a program myself for the Palm Pilot called "Palm Tree".

This extract minimises or totally excludes information about those who are, or could still be, alive - that is, born less than 100 years ago and not known by me to have died.

If you think we may be related, I will be only too happy to exchange information about the relatives that we share and make any necessary changes. If you have any questions about any other Snelson connections, you might be able to find out more by writing to me directly.

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Adrian John Snelson - classic 1945 model, concourse condition, silver duco - no rust, runs well.