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DNA Matching

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Yes, through Ancestry.com I have done the autosomal DNA test. My Ancestry DNA Kit is numbered A050175. If the ID tag is shown as "Senelstune", then that is indeed me.

Interestingly, the DNA matching results from the AncestryDNA test so far have been quite interesting as follows :

Margaret is my 2nd Cousin. We have known each other since the 1950s. She too has done the Ancestry autosomal test. The result reported by Ancestry.com is as follows:-

Possible range: 2nd - 3rd cousins, Confidence: Extremely High, Shared DNA: 273 cM across 14 segments.

More than 200 centimorgans is a good indication of 2nd cousin – and was 100% right ! Margaret and I are very relieved that science in 2018 has confirmed that we are who we have thought we were for the last 60 years – and that our recent ancestors are purer than the purest snow.