A Snelson DataBase & Armory

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The Snelson DataBase & Armory includes references from sources at St Catherine’s House in London during 1969-1971 and during my activity here in Sydney at The Society of Australian Genealogists where I served on the Council for many years – and was the a founder (along with Max Carrick and Phil Young) of the Sydney Dead Persons Society.

Much knowledge was gleaned from parish registers of births, deaths, marriages, christenings and burials. I also spent some time with the IGI fiche (remember them).

Another fruitful source was found in chartularies, tithe maps, land records, wills and other records.

I have wasted more time than I care to remember with the dead than with the living, poring over census records, scrutinising transportation and shipping lists, groveling around churchyards trying to decypher monument inscriptions, looking at land records and corresponding with the guild and the College of Heralds … when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were still in short pants.

  • [S752] Chester Consistory: Register of Marriage Licences
  • [S753] Lancashire Quarter Sessions Petitions, Source Element: R3-6462
  • [S754] Cheshire Consistory Probate Index, Source Element: R3-6463
  • [S755] Leicester Archdeaconry Probate Calendar, Source Element: R3-6465
  • [S756] Leicester Archdeaconry Wills, Source Element: R3-6466
  • [S757] Leicester Archdeaconry Marriage Bonds, Source Element: R3-6467
  • [S759] Letter from Stanley Clute dated 21 September 1992, Source Element: R3-6470
  • [S760] Patent Roll 1 Richard II iv m.12, Source Element: R3-6680
  • [S761] Patent Roll 47 Edward III i m.35, Source Element: R3-6682
  • [S766] Norton Manuscripts record in 1775 that a lease for one year by indenture ( what does this mean ? ) may have been taken ( or leased out ? ) by Lettice Adderley of Hams Hall, county Warwick a widow and Charles Bowyer Adderley her son together with Mary Snelson of Eccleshall in the county of Stafford, widow; the lands subject to lease with appurtences were in Lea Marston and Kingsbury in Warwick. Apparently the lands were being released to hold in mortgage. I am not quite sure of who is releasing ( release or re-lease ? ) the lands to or from whom. Any bright ideas anybody ?
  • [S767] Chester Consistory Probate Calendar
  • [S768] Index to Act Books of Archbishop of Canterbury, Source Element: R3-6699
  • [S769] White's Directory of Birmingham, Source Element: R3-6700
  • [S771] College of Arms, Visitation of Gloucestershire 1623
  • [S774] Slater's Nottinghamshire Directory, Source Element: R3-6724
  • [S775] Gawsworth Burial Registers, Source Element: R3-6725
  • [S780] Will of Jeffrey Duncalf of Chelforde, Source Element: R3-6973
  • [S783] Anthony Goodman, The Wars of the Roses, Source Element: Routledge Kegan
    Source Element: R3-7173
  • [S784] Date estimated on 25 year generations.
  • [S786] The SNELSONs of Snelson and Astle, Source Element: R3-7193
  • [S802] Calendar of Warrants, Signed Bills etc Cos Chester & Flint
  • [S804] Thomas Perry's Bankrupt and Insolvent Gazette, Source Element: R3-7224
  • [S806] Letter from Tony Fox dated 10 December 1992, Source Element: R3-7227
  • [S807] Puture Roll, Source Element: R3-7232
  • [S809] Davenport Deeds, Source Element: R3-7234
  • [S810] Northwich Hundred Poll Tax Return 1660
  • [S811] Hearth Tax Return 1660 - Swettenham, Source Element: R3-7236
  • [S812] Gentleman's Magazine October 1849, Source Element: R3-7237
  • [S813] Prerogative Court of Canterbury Probate Calendar, Source Element: R3-7238
  • [S814] Letter from Marion Douglas Simmons (nee GREY ) 10 Dec 1992, Source Element: R3-7241
  • [S815] Letter from Isobel Butler dated 14 November 1992
  • [S816] Family Tree Drawn by Nicola Pryce ( nee Snelson ), Source Element: R3-7285
  • [S817] Letter from Frank Langley Snelson dated 22nd December 1992
  • [S818] Thornton le Moors Parish Registers - Baptisms, Source Element: R3-7302
  • [S819] Census 1891 Thornton -le-Moors Cheshire

    Letters Inn

    John Cheers
    Mary Emily Wife 33
    Leonard Son 6
    Harold Son
    Reginald son
    Peter Snelson Father in Law 61 Born Overton, Chester, Source Element: R3-7305
  • [S820] Monument Inscriptions Thornton le-Moors Cheshire, Source Element: R3-7306
  • [S821] Letter from Allan Edwardson dated 28 December 1992, Source Element: R3-7322
  • [S822] Census 1991 Culcheth Parish - Newchurch -, R3-7323
  • [S823] Census 1891 - Culcheth -Wigan St. Georges, R3-7324
  • [S824] Goostrey Parish Records, R3-7339
  • [S825] Census 1841 Goostrey
    Snelson William Male 15 Servant Cheshire

    John Hewitt M 40 Head
  • [S826] Census 1851 Goostrey, R3-7341
  • [S827] Census 1861 Goostrey, R3-7342
  • [S828] Census 1871 Goostrey, R3-7343
  • [S829] Census 1881 Goostrey, R3-7344
  • [S830] Census 1891 Goostrey, R3-7345
  • [S831] Death Notice - The Times 10 December 1992
  • [S832] Letter from Jane Shepherd dated 12 January 1993, Source Element: R3-7368
  • [S833] Letter from Tony Fox dated 13th January 1993, Source Element: R3-7373
  • [S838] Prerogative Court of Canterbury Probate Register, Source Element: R3-7409
  • [S839] Chester Archdeaconry Marriage Licence Act Book
  • [S840] Visitation of Cheshire - 1613 (R3, 7411)
  • [S841] Census 1851 Warwickshire, Birmingham, Source Element: R3-7416
  • [S842] Greer Garson - Profile of Career
  • [S843] Obituaries to Joseph Wainwright Snelson, Source Element: R3-7418
  • [S844] Letter from Colin Cochran dated 10 December 1992, Source Element: R3-7419
  • [S845] Letter from Isobel Butler dated 20 January 1993, Source Element: R3-7433
  • [S846] Jon Snelson's Database February 1993, Source Element: R3-7434
  • [S847] Letter from Peter Desmond Snelson dated 12 February 1993, Source Element: R3-7464
  • [S848] Pedigree Chart drawn by Robin Snelson of Falmouth, Cornwall, Source Element: R3-7465
  • [S849] Eccleshall View of Frankpledge and Great Court, Source Element: R3-8004
  • [S850] Gentleman's Magazine xc 457, Source Element: R3-8009
  • [S851] Eccleshall Petty Court, Source Element: R3-8010
  • [S855] Chester Jury Recognizance, Source Element: R3-8017
  • [S856] Close Roll 50 Edward III ii m.2d, Source Element: R3-8018
  • [S857] Close Roll 6 Richard II m.8, Source Element: R3-8019
  • [S858] Chester Inquisition Post Mortem, Source Element: R3-8020
  • [S860] Ducatus Lancastriae: Calendar to Proceedings, Source Element: R3-8023
  • [S862] Census 1811 Nether Alderley, Source Element: R3-8027
  • [S863] Census 1851 Nether Alderley, Source Element: R3-8028
  • [S864] Alfred Neobard PALMER, A History of the Old Non Conformity of Wrexham, Source Element: R3-8033
  • [S865] Victorian Society of Genealogists
  • [S866] Family Bible of Peter & Rose Snelson of Upton
  • [S867] Pigot's Directory 1830, Source Element: R3-8048
  • [S869] Congleton St. Peters Pew Owners & Occupiers circa 1840
  • [S870] Society of Genealogists ( U.K. ), List of Bankrupts 1820-1843, Source Element: R3-8054
  • [S871] Letter from Charles Foster, Arley Hall Press dated April '93, Source Element: R3-8057
  • [S872] Charles FOSTER, Four Cheshire Townships in the 18th Century, Source Element: Arley Hall Press
    Source Element: Arley, Appleton, Stockton Heath, Great Budworth
    Source Element: R3-8059
  • [S873] Letter from Roy Taylor dated 8 April 1993, Source Element: R3-8062
  • [S874] Monument Inscriptions Astbury St. Mary's
  • [S875] Monument Inscriptions Christ Church, Higher Bebington, Source Element: R3-8085
  • [S876] Stockport Marriages 1799-1837
  • [S877] Monument Inscriptions Macclesfield St. Michael, Source Element: R3-8089
  • [S878] Monument Inscriptions Methodist Chapel Snelson & Over Peover
  • [S888] Letter from Margaret Fitter dated 20 April 1993, Source Element: R3-8103
  • [S889] Commonwealth of Australia 4th Divsion Officers List 1969, Source Element: R3-8129
  • [S891] Lambeth Palace Library Marriage Indexes, Allegations for lic, Source Element: Vicar General, Archbishop Canta
    Source Element: T.S. Index
    Source Element: R3-8132
  • [S892] Index to Apprentice Indentures, Source Element: Harvester Unpubl
    Source Element: R3-8133
  • [S893] Index to Apprentice Masters, Source Element: R3-8135
  • [S894] British & Irish Biographies 1840-1940
  • [S895] Letter from Mrs. Pat Livermore
  • [S896] A. J. BOSTOCK, The Chivalry of Cheshire, Source Element: E.J. Morten, Didsbury, 1980
    Source Element: R3-8178
  • [S897] John P. Earwaker, History of Sandbach, Holmes Chapel and Goostrey, Source Element: E.J. Morten, Didsbury, 1972
    Source Element: Published 1890
    Source Element: R3-8180
  • [S898] Alfred Neobard PALMER, The Town of Holt & The Parish of Isycoed, Source Element: Bridge Books
    Source Element: R3-8195
  • [S902] European Magazine lxxvii 466, Source Element: R3-8235
  • [S903] Staffordshire Advertiser, Source Element: R3-8237
  • [S905] Gentleman's Magazine, lxx 1220, Source Element: R3-8239
  • [S906] Merchant Taylor's School Register 1790-99, Source Element: R3-8243
  • [S907] Prerogatory Court of Canterbury, Source Element: R3-8244
  • [S908] Will of William Cotton 1630, Source Element: R3-8246
  • [S911] Marriages at Gray's Inn Chapel, Source Element: R3-8251
  • [S913] Staffordshire Advertiser, Source Element: R3-8259
  • [S914] Walter Noble Landor, Staffordshire Incumbents and Parochial Records (1530 - 1680), Source Element: R3-8262
  • [S915] Letter from Mrs. P.D. Livermore dated 25 May 1993, Source Element: R3-8268
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  • [S917] A. J. BOSTOCK, History of the Bostock Family, Source Element: R3-8275
  • [S918] Letter from Pat Livermore dated 2nd June 1993, Source Element: R3-8280
  • [S919] Thelma BOSTOCK ( Birrell ), Mariners - Merchants . . . then Pioneers, Source Element: R3-8304
  • [S934] Burke's Landed Gentry, Source Element: R3-8339
  • [S935] Burke's 1939 Directory, Source Element: R3-8380
  • [S936] Charles Elson Jeoffrey SNELSON, Why Convict Thomas Snelson is Thomas William Snelson 1782-?? Source Element: R3-8381
  • [S937] Gresford Parish Registers - Marriages 1754-1812, Source Element: R3-8432
  • [S943] Letter from David Hawkins dated 5 August 1993, Source Element: R3-8453
  • [S944] Will of Mary Anne Snelson ( d. 1911 ), Source Element: R3-8460
  • [S945] Bob Fraser & TT Match, Source Element: R3-8463
  • [S946] Letter from Paul Chapman dated 16 August 1993, Source Element: R3-8467
  • [S947] Births, Marriages & Deaths - Queensland, Source Element: R3-8472
  • [S948] Letter from Jennifer Thomson re Bennion dated 17/8/93, Source Element: R3-8477
  • [S949] Cheshire Directory 1850
  • [S950] Will of John Snelson died 23 January 1860, Source Element: R3-8491
  • [S951] Will of John Snelson d. 23 Jun 1861
  • [S952] Will of Richard Snelson died 27 October 1888, Source Element: R3-8494
  • [S953] Will of Joseph Snelson died 1796
  • [S971] Letter from Paul Chapman dated 1 September 1993, Source Element: R3-8519
  • [S972] NSW Births 1889-1918, Source Element: R3-8557
  • [S973] Marriages, NSW 1889-1918
  • [S974] Deaths, NSW 1889-1918, Source Element: R3-8583
  • [S975] U.K. Marriage Witness Index, Source Element: R3-8588
  • [S982] Pigot's London Directory 1839, Source Element: R3-8606
  • [S983] Letters from Peter Kraushaars dated September & November '93
  • [S984] Letter from Paul Chapman dated 16 October 1993
  • [S985] Letter from Peter Somerville of Maribyrnong River Cruises, Source Element: R3-8630
  • [S986] Letter from Isobel Butler dated 10 October 1993, Source Element: R3-8633
  • [S987] Letter from Sue Hewitt dated 24 October 1993, Source Element: R3-8647
  • [S988] Cheshire Consistory Administration: Infra, Source Element: R3-8648
  • [S989] Chester Consistory Wills (FONS)
  • [S990] Monumental Inscriptions - Lower Peover
  • [S991] Will of Mary Snelson d. 1862, Source Element: R3-8698
  • [S992] Will of Mathew Snelson d. 1863, Source Element: R3-8699
  • [S995] Letter from the Royal Artillery Historical Trust 26 Oct 1993
  • [S996] Letter from Pat Livermore October 1993
  • [S997] Kelly's Cheshire Directory 1938
  • [S998] IGI 1992 - Cheshire
  • [S999] Staffordshire Hearth Tax Returns, Source Element: R3-8718
  • [S1000] Swettenham Rental