A Snelson DataBase & Armory

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The Snelson DataBase & Armory includes references from sources at St Catherine’s House in London during 1969-1971 and during my activity here in Sydney at The Society of Australian Genealogists where I served on the Council for many years – and was the a founder (along with Max Carrick and Phil Young) of the Sydney Dead Persons Society.

Much knowledge was gleaned from parish registers of births, deaths, marriages, christenings and burials. I also spent some time with the IGI fiche (remember them).

Another fruitful source was found in chartularies, tithe maps, land records, wills and other records.

I have wasted more time than I care to remember with the dead than with the living, poring over census records, scrutinising transportation and shipping lists, groveling around churchyards trying to decypher monument inscriptions, looking at land records and corresponding with the guild and the College of Heralds … when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were still in short pants.

  • [S5417] Oxfordshire Parish Register - Deddington, Oxfordshire Parish Register - Deddington, Memo: Entry ID: Book
  • [S5423] Don Knibbs, Don Knibbs FTM File, Memo: Entry ID: Other
  • [S5449] Daily Telegraph, Item Info: Death Notices
  • [S5458] 1851 Census
  • [S5477] Message from Rob Benyon
  • [S5482] Marriage Cert Edward Snelson & Greer Garson, Event Date: 28 Sep 1933
    Registration District: Westminster
  • [S5484] School Admision Register
  • [S5495] Census 1871 Handbridge
  • [S5496] Census 1901 Trinity Street, Chester
  • [S5498] Census 1861 Handbridge James Jones (Head)
  • [S5499] Census 1871 Margaret Snelson Head