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Margaret Mollineux

F, #24152, Deceased, b. 2 May 1782, d. 13 March 1851
  • Consanguinity: 3rd great-grandmother of AJS



Family: John Critchley (b. 24 November 1783)

Main Events

  • Birth: Margaret Mollineux was born on 2 May 1782 in Rainhill, Nr Huyton, England.
  • Baptism: She was baptised on 29 May 1782 in Prescot.
  • Marriage: Margaret Mollineux and John Critchley were married on 19 September 1804 This is very confusing because John Critchley a file cutter, married Margaret Molyneux a spinster on 19th September 1804, and then on 9th December, another John Critchley, this one a clay potter and a widower married Martha Marsh, spinster - both events recorded in the records at Prescot, Lancashire. So, there are two John Critchleys, one a file cutter and the other a clay potter. Ann Critchley is the daughter of John Critchleu and his wife Margaret (Molyneux).
  • Her son Thomas Critchley was born in 1806.
  • Her son James Critchley was born on 15 August 1808 in Prescot, England.
  • Her daughter Ann Critchley was born on 14 November 1811 in Prescot, Lancashire, England.
  • Death: Margaret Mollineux died on 13 March 1851, at age 68, in The Holt, Rainhill, Nr Huyton, England.
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