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James Snelson

M, #20932, Deceased, b. 1834


Main Events

  • Birth: James Snelson was born in 1834.
  • His mother Jane Crawford died about June 1853 in West Derby.
  • His father Thomas Snelson died on 17 January 1897 in Plumpton Street, Liverpool.


Census 18411841James Snelson Id #20,932 (Principal) was at home on Census night 1841 at Northumberland Place, Toxteth Park, Liverpool; Witness Role: Wife

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  1. [S5753] Census 1841 Lancashire Thomas Snelson a. 25


Ernest Chadburn

M, #20950, Deceased, b. 1852, d. June 1926


Family: Annie Snelson (b. 23 January 1864, d. November 1941)

Main Events

  • Birth: Ernest Chadburn was born in 1852 in Ridgway, Eckington, Derbyshire, England.
  • Marriage: Ernest Chadburn and Annie Snelson were married on 1 October 1895 in St. Michael, Chester, Banns had been read at his parish in Morton, Derbyshire. She is named as Annie Snelson of St Michael's Parish in Chester.1
  • His son Samuel Chadburn was born on 6 July 1896 in Morton, Debyshire.
  • Occupation: Ernest Chadburn was a Hewer, Coal Mines in 1911.
  • Death: He died in June 1926, at age ~74, in Mansfield. Nottinghamshire, England.
  • His wife Annie Snelson died in November 1941 in Newton Blackwell, Derbyshire, England.


Note Ernest Chadburn Id #20,950 (Principal) was at home on Census night; Blackwell Colliery Company opened A Winning Colliery (off Fordbridge Lane). In 1875, it opened another colliery at B Winning (at Hilcote). By 1933, A Winning had 1340 employees and B Winning 727 employees. The Colliery Company also had pits at Shirland, Alfreton and Sutton. I think that the Chadburn family men may have been emplyed at the Alfreton Mine, being close to where they lived.

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Census 19011901Ernest Chadburn Id #20,950 (Principal) was at home on Census night 1901 at Little Moore, Blackwell, Derbyshire; Witness Role: Head of Household

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Census 19111911Ernest Chadburn Id #20,950 (Principal) was at home on Census night 1911 at Sherwood Street, Newton, Alfecton, Blackwell; Samuel Chadburn is shown as "son" of Ernest Chadburn - but of course he is not the son of his current wife Annie Snelson - he is the son on Ernest Chadburn's first wife, Ellen Spencer.

I wonder whether the first wife Ellen Spencer diedaged 43 of the same cause as her daughter Ann aged only 1 year ?
Principal Role

Principal Role

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