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Sarah Ann Whittaker

F, #18175, Deceased, b. 1834, d. 1890


Family: Thomas Pierce (b. 29 September 1816, d. 1893)

Main Events

  • Name: Sarah Ann Whittaker was also known as Unknown Unknown.
  • Name: She was also known as Sarah Ann Pierce.
  • Birth: She was born in 1834 in Manchester.
  • Marriage: Sarah Ann Whittaker and Thomas Pierce were married about July 1878 in Chester Thomas's first wife Cathrine Pugh died in February 1978. Thomas then married Sarah Whittaker around July 1878. Sarah appeared in the 1881 Census but died in 1890. No death event for Thomas has yet been found.
  • Death: She died in 1890, at age ~56.
  • Her husband Thomas Pierce died in 1893.


Census 18811881Sarah Ann Whittaker Id #18,175 (Principal) was at home on Census night 1881 at 14 Garden Terrace, Chester; as a tailor. They are living in the same house as that occupied 10 years previously by Thomas and his previous wife, Catherine Pugh.
Principal Role
Witness Role: Head of Household

Witness Role: wife

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