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Eliza Jane Williams

F, #12419, Deceased, b. 4 October 1847, d. 26 January 1922

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Eliza Jane Snelson (nee Williams) 1847-1922


Family: William Snelson (b. 20 April 1849, d. 30 January 1900)

Main Events

  • Name: Eliza Jane Williams was also known as Eliza Jane Snelson.
  • Birth: She was born on 4 October 1847 in Pendleton, Nr Manchester, Lancashire.
  • Marriage: Eliza Jane Williams and William Snelson were married on 2 November 1870 in St. Mary's, Chester, Witnesses to the wedding were Ellen Williams and George Williams. William Snelson signed his name clearly and well, but Eliza was illiterate and left a cross as her mark.1
  • Her daughter Elizabeth Snelson was born before 2 June 1872.
  • Her daughter Margaret Snelson was born in May 1873.
  • Her son William Snelson was born in 1874 in Chester, Cheshire, England.
  • Her daughter Hannah Snelson was born in June 1875.
  • Her son George Snelson was born about June 1878 in Sandy Lane, Great Boughton, Chester, England.
  • Her daughter Eliza Jane Snelson was born on 18 July 1879.
  • Her daughter Emma Snelson was born on 18 January 1881 in 105 Handbridge, Chester, England.
  • Her son Henry (Harry) Snelson was born on 12 November 1883 in Pycroft Street, St. Mary, Chester, Engand.
  • Her son John Snelson was born in May 1884 in St. Mary Parish, Chester, England.
  • Her daughter Ellen Snelson was born in April 1885 in St. Mary Parish, Chester, England.
  • Her son Henry (Harry) Snelson died on 16 May 1885.
  • Her daughter Ada Snelson was born on 24 March 1886.
  • Residence: Eliza Jane Williams and Ada Snelson resided in the "Grosvenor Arms", 26 Handbridge, Chester, about 1888.
  • Her daughter Beatrice Snelson was born about April 1888 in Chester, Cheshire, England.
  • Her daughter Ellen Snelson was born before 11 July 1888 in Chester, Cheshire, England.
  • Her daughter Beatrice Snelson died on 10 November 1888.
  • Her son Thomas Snelson was born on 23 September 1889.
  • Her husband William Snelson died on 30 January 1900 in 31 Hartington St, Chester.
  • Her son William Snelson died about 1904.
  • Residence: Eliza Jane Williams resided in 57 Hoole Lane, Chester, before 1922.
  • Death: She died on 26 January 1922, at age 74, in 54 Trafford St, Chester, Cheshire.
  • Burial: She was buried on 30 January 1922 in Chester General Cemetery, Overleigh. Age: 73 y
    Address: 57 Hoole Lane
    Date of Burial: 30/01/1922
    Grave Number: P1047
    Page Number: 88
    Consecrated: True
    Cemetery Register: DCE 1/8
    Running Number: 3155.2


Census 18711871Eliza Jane Williams Id #12,419 (Principal) was at home on Census night 1871 at 11 Back Queen Street, Boughton, Chester; Witness Role: Head of Household

Original Documents, Source and Citations here3
Census 18814 April 1881Eliza Jane Williams Id #12,419 (Principal) was at home on Census night 4 April 1881 at 99 Handbridge, Chester; and he is described as a house carpenter
Witness Role: Spouse

Original Documents, Source and Citations here4
Census 18911891Eliza Jane Williams Id #12,419 (Principal) was at home on Census night 1891 at Oulton Place, St. Oswald, Chester; He is described as a joiner
Witness Role: Wife

Original Documents, Source and Citations here5
Census 19011901Eliza Jane Williams Id #12,419 (Principal) was at home on Census night 1901 at Hartington Street, Chester; Principal Role

Original Documents, Source and Citations here
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    William Snelson Cowkeeper Handbridge died 28 Oct 1855 aged 36

    Elizabeth Snelson daughter of William and Margaret Snelson Curzon Park Chester
    died 31 Oct 1856 aged 9 months

    William Snelson 31 Hartington St Handbridge Chester died 30 Jan 1900 aged 50
    years. ( The Oddfellows erected a head stone to him ).

    Eliza Jane Snelson 57 Hoole Lane Chester died 26 Jan 1922 aged 73

    Emma Sumpter 54 Trafford Street Chester died 12 May 1946 aged 65 years

    Henry Sumpter 54 Trafford St Chester died 14 Nov 1946 aged 69
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    48 Handbridge Grocer's Shop
    Ann Snelson Head Widow 49 Grocer Chester
    Henry Son Unm 26 Grocer Chester
    William son Unm 19 Blacksmith Chester
    Robert son 13 Scholar Chester
    Thomas son 7 scholar Chester
    Martha dau unm 21 Schoolmistress Chester
    Agnes dau 11 Scholar Chester
    Annie dau 10 Scholar Chester

    Schedule 99 53 Handbridge

    In this house along with William & Hannah Roberts and their children who were
    related to the Snelson family lived :-

    Annie Snelson granddaughter unm 17 Domestic Servant Chester

    The return states that Jane (?) Snelson, the head of the family, was temporarily
    absent at the time of the census. This may mean that Jane was Annies's
    grandmother, and therefore the grandmother of William & Hannah Roberts' two
    children. She may therefore be Hannah's mother perhaps making William & Hannah
    the Uncle and aunt of Annie ?

    Schedule 235 99 Handbridge

    William Snelson Head marr 32 House carpenter Chester
    Eliza Jane wife marr. 33 Manchester
    Elizabeth dau 9 Scholar Chester
    Margaret dau 8 Scholar Chester
    William son 7 Scholar Chester
    Hannah dau 5 Scholar Chester
    George son 3 Chester ( Grandfather of Richard James Snelson )
    Eliza Jane dau 1 Chester
    Emma dau 2 months Chester
    George brother unm 30 House Carpenter Chester
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