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Lucy Snelson1

F, #5641, Deceased, b. about December 1874, d. January 1880


Main Events

  • Biography:

    . I did not become aware of the existence of my grand aunt Lucy until May 1992 - a long way into this research. I had never heard mention of a Lucy and had not even any record of any Lucy Snelson in the county of Cheshire in the C19. How sad; it seems great grandfather Samuel Snelson and his wife Mary Benyon lost young Samuel Benyon and Lucy within a few days; Samuel died on 6th January 1880 aged only fifteen months and sister Lucy was only five years old.

    Then of course Mary lost her own life within a few days of giving birth to my grandfather Harold Alfred Benyon Snelson.
  • Birth: Lucy Snelson was born about December 1874 in Tranmere, Birkenhead, England.
  • Residence: She resided in Handbridge in 1880.
  • Death: She died in January 1880 in Chester, Cheshire, England, Lucy and her brother Samuel Benyon Snelson both died at around the same time, in the March quarter 1880; he was aged 1 and she was aged 5.
  • Burial: Lucy's remains were buried on 14 January 1880 in Chester General Cemetery, Overleigh, Description: Daughter of Samuel & Mary Snelson
    Age: 5 y
    Address: Handbridge
    Parish: St Mary
    Date of Burial: 14/01/1880
    Grave Number: G247
    Page Number: 21
    Consecrated: True
    Cemetery Register: DCE/1/3
    Running Number: 3757.2
  • Her mother Mary Benyon died on 22 March 1883 in Eccleston, England.
  • Witness: Lucy Snelson witnessed the marriage of Alfred Snelson and Catherine Fanny Hamm on 16 June 1886 in East Haddon, Brixforth, Northamptonshire, England, This is a real mystery. If she died in 1880, then how can she turn up in 1886 in Northamptonshire as a witness to this wedding? I have not been able to solve this puzzle. This must be another Lucy Snelson.
  • Her father Samuel Snelson died on 18 June 1909 in Chester, England.
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  1. [S690] Overleigh Cemetery Register 1875-84, Memo: Annotation: Overleigh Cemetery Register 1875-84

    308 Edward SNELSON Cordwainer 5 Handbridge St Mary 1876 8 Jan 12 Jan R1214 P102

    3757 Lucy SNELSON daughter of Samuel and Mary Snelson 5 years Handbridge St.
    Mary 1880 [Blank] Jan 14 Jan G247 p21 Cons

    3747 Samuel SNELSON son of Samuel and Mary Snelson 15 months Handbridge St Mary
    15 months 1880 8 Jan 10 Jan G247 p21 Cons

    6095 Mary SNELSON wife of Samuel Snelson 34 Handbridge St Mary 1883 [Blank] Mar
    24 Mar R9107 p152 Cons
  2. [S688] Overleigh Cemetery 1850-1897, Memo: Annotation: Overleigh Cemetery 1850-1897

    Snelson William Handbridge 1454 1855

    Snelson Sarah Pepper Street 1480 1855

    Snelson Elizabeth Handbridge 1912 1856

    Snelson Elizabeth Handbridge 2398 1857

    Snelson Walter Handbridge 2960 1858

    Snelson Sam'l Handbridge 4023 1860

    Snelson Edward Handbridge 308 1876

    Snelson Lucy Handbridge 3757 1880

    Snelson Samuel Handbridge 3757 1880

    Snelson Mary Handbridge 6095 1883

    Snelson Harry Pycroft Street 741 1885

    Snelson Margaret Handbridge 1002 1885

    Snelson Ann Pepper Street 2555 1887

    Snelson John St John Street 3624 1889

    Snelson Annie Handbridge 3680 1889

    Snelson Anne Handbridge 4581 1890

    Snelson Mary 57 Bridge Street Row 5201

    Snelson George 25 Handbridge 5701


Annie Snelson1

F, #5647, Deceased, b. May 1889, d. 18 May 1889


Main Events

  • Biography: Richard maintains that Annie Harrison was Maria Snelson's sister ..... I must admit to being confused here .... the Priddeys, Marias and Harrison connections seem to be a bit muddled ... at least they are to me. Brian and Hazel Appleby may have the answer ... I am not sure. See #5647 and #1632.
  • Birth: Annie Snelson was born in May 1889.
  • Death: She died on 18 May 1889, at age ~0, in Handbridge, St. Mary's, England.
  • Burial: Annie's remains were buried on 20 May 1889 in the local cemetery, Overleigh, Chester.
  • Her father Henry ( Harry ) Snelson died on 24 June 1901 in 133 Richmond Place, Boughton, Chester.
  • Her mother Maria Priddey died on 14 May 1925 in 24 Egerton Road, Chester.
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