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Some believe those bearing the name of Snelson are descended from the King of Scotland, Charlemagne or Pocohontas (but that’s a long bow).

We each have 2 parents + 4 grandparents + 8 great-grandparents, and so on. Go back a thousand years say to William the Conqueror's time, 40 generations at an average of 25 years per gen - would mean 1,099,511,627,776 ancestors alive at the same time. I don't think so. Pedigrees collapse inwards so that an uncle back 20 generations, say 500 years may also be your 16 greats-grandfather.

Every European alive in the time of the Conqueror who left descendants is the ancestor of every living European today. We all like to think we are special don’t we – now you know you are, just like everyone else. If you are European, you are indeed descended from Charlemagne, moreover there is no point wanting to be a bit Irish, Viking or Anglo-Saxon, or part Neanderthal - you are !

Most of we Snelson people have been rustic clods, agricultural labourers, hod carriers, navvies and some of us, peasants in suits.

The Snelson DataBase & Armory started as a few entries in a little black book 50 years ago in 1969 - I still have it - and has become an ONS (One Name Study) which includes more than 20000 people, 35000 events, 45000 witnessed instances, 14000 places and 24000 relationships, 17000 citations and some 900 or so exhibits.

Generally, I have excluded data about those who are, or could still be, alive i.e. born less than 100 years ago and not known by me to have died, so hopefully, you won't find yourself here. If you have anything to correct or add, please let me know.

Adrian John Snelson - 1945 model, silver duco, concourse condition, no rust, runs well ☺.

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