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The Snelson DataBase & Armory started as a few entries in a little black book 50 years ago in 1969 - I still have it - and has become an ONS (One Name Study) which includes more than 20000 people, 35000 events, 45000 witnessed instances, 14000 places and 24000 relationships, 17000 citations and some 900 or so exhibits.

This extract presents historical information about my own relatives. I have excluded detailed data about those who are, or could still be, alive i.e. born less than 100 years ago and not known by me to have died, so you should not find any details about yourself.

I have also added in a short biography of some colourful people under the "FAME" tab. Only Sir Edward Alec Abbott Snelson is a relative of mine.

I have also detailed the relatives of Roger Snelson [4878] who is the subject of "The Mystery of the Macclesfield Chalice". It is possible, with ancestral evidence, a successful claim to the Snelson coat of arms might be made today.

Adrian John Snelson - 1945 model, silver duco, concourse condition, no rust, runs well ☺.

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