A Snelson DataBase & Armory

Alphabetical List of Ancestors

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SurnameFirst NameLifespanFatherMotherMarriageSpouse
Abbott Johnb. about 18211853, Our Lady & St Nicholas & St Anne, LiverpoolAnn Foster
Benyon Georgeb. 1783 - d. 18501810, parish church, Eccleston, St. Mary the VirginAnne Jones
Benyon Maryb. 1849 - d. 1883Thomas BenyonAnn(E) Davies1872, St. Mary the Virgin, EcclestonSamuel Snelson
Benyon Thomasb. 1812 - d. 1886George BenyonAnne Jones1838, EcclestonAnn(E) Davies
Burtch Ellenb. about 1690Henry Edwardson
Calveley Elizabeth1742Thomas Crooks
Clitherow Hannahb. 1781John ClitherowMary Unknown1808William Edwardson
Coventry Johnb. about 1785 - d. before 18281810, St Mary, ChesterMargaret Dodd
Coventry Margaretb. about 1813 - d. 1885John CoventryMargaret Dodd1836, St. Mary-on-the-Hill, ChesterSamuel Snelson
Critchley Annb. 1811 - d. 1897John CritchleyMary Molyneux1833, Rainford in the parish of PrescotThomas Edwardson
Critchley Johnb. about 17601783, All Saints, RainfordMargaret Wellsby
Critchley Johnb. 1783John CritchleyMargaret Wellsby1804Mary Molyneux
Crooks Elizabethb. 1748 - d. 1822Thomas CrooksAnn Davies1769, the church of St. Mary the Virgin, EcclestonJohn Snelson
Crooks Thomas1742Elizabeth Calveley
1744, St Lawrence, StoakAnn Davies
Davies Annb. about 17191744, St Lawrence, StoakThomas Crooks
Davies Ann(E)b. about 1816 - d. 1885John DaviesSusannah Unknown1838, EcclestonThomas Benyon
Davies Elizabeth Janeb. 1855 - d. about 1917Samuel DaviesJane Unknown1888, Holy Trinity Church, ChesterSamuel Snelson
Davies Johnb. about 1791before 1818Susannah Unknown
Davies Sarahb. 1721 - d. 17611742, All Saints, GresfordWilliam ("Snellson") Snellson
Dean Elizabethb. 1814 - d. 1892William DeanElizabeth Evans1838, St. John, Guilden SuttonJohn Mason
Dean Williamb. estimated 1789Elizabeth Evans
Dodd Margaretb. 1786Ralph Dodd1810, St Mary, ChesterJohn Coventry
Edwards Margaretb. 1690 - d. 1741Thomas Edwards1719, All Saints, GresfordWilliam ("Snellson") Snellson
Edwardson Ellenb. 1836 - d. 1908Thomas EdwardsonAnn Critchleyabout 1863, PrescotJohn Roby
Edwardson Henryb. about 1692William EdwardsonEllen Burtch
Edwardson Henryb. about 1755Henry EdwardsonEllen Woods
Edwardson Thomasb. 1810 - d. 1882William EdwardsonHannah Clitherow1833, Rainford in the parish of PrescotAnn Critchley
Edwardson Williamb. about 1782 - d. 1835Henry EdwardsonEllen Woods1808Hannah Clitherow
English Francesb. 1875 - d. 1959Joannes ("John English") EnglishBrigida ("Bridget Power") Power1905, The Registry Office, West DerbyAlfred Herbert Roby
English Joannesb. about 1850Johannes EnglishBrigida Troy1871, Waterford & Lismore Parish, Dungarvan, Waterford, IrelandBrigida ("Bridget Power") Power
English Johannesb. before 1830Brigida Troy
Evans Elinorb. about 1792 - d. 18731811, Eglwysbach, Llanwrst, WalesThomas Pierce
Evans Elizabethb. estimated 1785William Dean
Fairbrother Elizabethb. 1785 - d. 1846Samuel FairbrotherMary Unknown1808, St. John the Baptist, ChesterWilliam Snelson
Fairbrother Samuelb. about 1755 - d. 1823Unknown Fairbrotherbefore 1779Mary Unknown
Foster Annb. about 1813 - d. about 18911833, St. Helens, LancashireWilliam Roby
1853, Our Lady & St Nicholas & St Anne, LiverpoolJohn Abbott
Jones Anneb. about 1778 - d. 18471810, parish church, Eccleston, St. Mary the VirginGeorge Benyon
Lawranson Elizabethb. 1770 - d. about 1836Henry LawransonMary Unknown1794, Childwall, LiverpoolRichard Roby
Lawranson Henryb. estimated 1745Mary Unknown
Lawton Aliceb. about 17501774, St. HelensThomas Mollineux
Mason Edwardb. 1771 - d. 1841Margaret Swain
Mason Elizabethb. 1844 - d. 1920John MasonElizabeth Dean1864, ChesterJohn Pierce
Mason Johnb. 1803 - d. 1847Edward MasonMargaret Swain1838, St. John, Guilden SuttonElizabeth Dean
Mollineux Thomasb. about 17501774, St. HelensAlice Lawton
Molyneux Maryb. 1782Thomas MollineuxAlice Lawton1804John Critchley
O'Brien Ellenab. estimated 1827Unknown O'BrienThomas Power
Owen Catherineb. estimated 1757about 1782Lewis Pugh
Pierce Johnb. 1843 - d. 1910Thomas PierceCatherine Pugh1864, ChesterElizabeth Mason
Pierce Nessieb. 1884 - d. 1960John PierceElizabeth Mason1911, St. Oswald, ChesterCaptain Harold Alfred Benyon Snelson
Pierce Thomasb. about 1791 - d. 18641811, Eglwysbach, Llanwrst, WalesElinor Evans
Pierce Thomasb. about 1816 - d. 1893Thomas PierceElinor Evans1840, St. Luke, Bold Street, LiverpoolCatherine Pugh
about 1878, ChesterSarah Ann Whittaker
Power Brigidab. 1852 - d. about 1905Thomas PowerEllena O'Brien1871, Waterford & Lismore Parish, Dungarvan, Waterford, IrelandJoannes ("John English") English
Power Thomasb. about 1827Ellena O'Brien
Pugh Catherineb. about 1807 - d. 1878Lewis PughCatherine Owen1840, St. Luke, Bold Street, LiverpoolThomas Pierce
Pugh Lewisabout 1782Catherine Owen
Roby Alfred Herbertb. 1873 - d. 1955John RobyEllen Edwardson1905, The Registry Office, West DerbyFrances English
Roby Irene Nettacressb. 1913 - d. 1984Alfred Herbert RobyFrances English1938, St. John the Divine, FairfieldHarold Cecil Snelson
Roby Johnb. 1836 - d. 1895William RobyAnn Fosterabout 1863, PrescotEllen Edwardson
Roby Richardb. 1771 - d. 18181794, Childwall, LiverpoolElizabeth ("Betty") Lawranson
Roby Williamb. about 1810 - d. about 1849Richard RobyElizabeth ("Betty") Lawranson1833, St. Helens, LancashireAnn Foster
Slee Georgina Elizabethb. 1953 - d. 2011George Horsman SleeJoan Lockwood1973, the Registry Office, Ely, CambridgeshireAdrian John ("John") Snelson
Snellson Williamb. 1691 - d. after 1738William Snelson1719, All Saints, GresfordMargaret Edwards
Snellson Williamb. 1721 - d. after 1749William ("Snellson") SnellsonMargaret Edwards1742, All Saints, GresfordSarah Davies
Snelson Harold Alfred Benyonb. 1883 - d. 1955Samuel SnelsonMary Benyon1911, St. Oswald, ChesterNessie Pierce
Snelson Harold Cecilb. 1911 - d. 1975Captain Harold Alfred Benyon SnelsonNessie Pierce1938, St. John the Divine, FairfieldIrene Nettacress Roby
Snelson Johnb. 1748 - d. 1800William ("Snellson") SnellsonSarah Davies1769, the church of St. Mary the Virgin, EcclestonElizabeth Crooks
Snelson Samuelb. about 1814 - d. 1860William SnelsonElizabeth Fairbrother1836, St. Mary-on-the-Hill, ChesterMargaret Coventry
Snelson Samuelb. 1849 - d. 1909Samuel SnelsonMargaret Coventry1872, St. Mary the Virgin, EcclestonMary Benyon
1888, Holy Trinity Church, ChesterElizabeth Jane Davies
Snelson Williamb. about 1776 - d. 1833John SnelsonElizabeth Crooks1808, St. John the Baptist, ChesterElizabeth Fairbrother
Swain Margaretb. estimated 1778Edward Mason
Troy Brigidab. before 1830Johannes English
Unknown MaryHenry Lawranson
Unknown Maryb. about 1758 - d. 1842before 1779Samuel Fairbrother
Unknown Susannahb. before 1798before 1818John Davies
Wellsby Margaretb. about 17501783, All Saints, RainfordJohn Critchley
Whittaker Sarah Annb. 1834 - d. 1890about 1878, ChesterThomas Pierce
Woods Ellenb. about 1755Henry Edwardson