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John Snelson

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Things aren't always as they may appear to be, are they ?

John Snelson, that's me – born a long time ago in Liverpool where I lived with my Mum [27], Dad [25] and brother Peter [28] for more than 20 years.

I went to Joseph Williams primary in Bell Vale where I met Paul McCartney and Mike. I met them again when I went off to the Liverpool Institute High School in 1956.

I left school with 3 ‘A’ Levels - in French, Spanish and Geography and joined the War Department (later the Ministry of Defence) at The Royal Ordinance Factory in Patricroft (where I qualified as a professional accountant with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. I loved ROF Patricroft - it had a steel foundry and forges, made 105mm, 120mm and 165mm shells, rocket motors such as Harpoon, Sea Wolf, Blue Streak and Sea Dart, torpedos, large gun barrels for artillery and tanks, ammo and missile systems. Big boys toys. Hot liquid metal, loud and noisy, grunge, grit and grease, swearing in spades, spit and sweat, dirt and danger - and technically perhaps the most advanced standard costing systems in the world. I loved it. However, after more than 6 years, the attarctiveness in 1969 of working in this great environment did not stack up against what the new computer industry was offereing.

Aged 25 I took a position as a Systems Analyst in the Intergrated Management Information Systems (IMIS) department of International Computers Limited (ICL) in Putney, London.

After 3 years, I migrated to Australia as an adventure. I arrived with no job - but was soon back doing what I loved, working in an industrial environment on computerised manufacturing and financial systems. I started with CableMakers Australia and then spent 6 years with Comalco becoming Corporate Systems Manager.

By 1979 I had become almost unique, with 15 years of experience in information systems, industrial manufacturing and cost accounting, I joined Ernst & Whinney (E&W)'s consulting business as a Senior Consultant and became a Partner in 1984, Managing Partner in the Sydney Management Consulting Division and National Director of Performance Improvement at the time of the merger with Arthur Young & Co.

After leaving EY as Executive Consultant, I was Chief Executive of a charity, Life Education NSW.

I worked in New Delhi, India leading a team for the World Bank as Project Director Accounting Reforms (Indian Railways) from 2006 - 2007.

Meanwhile, as a private initiative, in 2001, I conceived the idea of opening a new bank in my community and led the team behind the establishment of the local Community Bank in Turramurra. It’s now the only bank left in Turramurra.

In 2011, I launched Get Shot Magazine - to give aspiring journalists an outlet for their work, returning nostalgically to those heady days when I was a Member of The Cavern Club '61-'63 in Liverpool, where I saw The Beatles perform more than 50 or so times when they were just a great covers band, in the days of Pete Best, long before Ringo, Brian Epstein, before they ever wrote a song or made a record. Magic days indeed.

In 2012, one thing led to another, and I was asked to do some reviews of the shows I was seeing and the artists I was shooting. In no time, I was behind the microphone myself – well, I was already on the board of a local radio station so might as well get into it myself !

“Get Shot Radio” was launched I think in 2012, and I found myself streaming live round the world every Monday night at 8-00pm. Yikes. We had many famous and well known musicians actually live on the program from Canadian bluesman Wolf Mail to Hank B. Marvin of The Shadows.

As Proprietor, Editor and Chief Photographer with Get Shot Magazine, I learned a lot about cameras and photography. I met and shot many great musicians and stars, from Blondie to Bob Dylan, Gurrumul and Jethro Tull, Midnight Oil, Rodriguez, Jimmy Barnes, Beth Hart, Wolf Mail, Amanda Palmer, Joe Bonamassa, Jeff Beck, Lenny Kravitz, Nick Cave, Jimmy Cliff, Donovan, Angelique Kidjo, Buffy Saint-Marie, Toni Childs, Tony Joe White, Joan Armatrading, Carlos Santana, Suze de Marchi, Hank B. Marvin, John Mayall, Robert Cray, ZZ Top and BB King. Quite a ride.

These days, I seldom go into “the pit” with other photographers. I do special shots on request and sometimes, for those performers who see the beauty in film and want that authentic look, in images taken with a gentle and compassionate eye, I’m always happy to take that shot.

I work without props and without lights, no reflectors, not a single light umbrella, no flash nor any of that paraphernalia You won't have to wear any fancy clothes, "watch the birdie" or act up. Just you, me and camera.

In my spare time, I took up genealogy as a hobby in 1970, and have been looking in vain for treasure, nobility, deeds of daring, adventure, achievement, fortune and royalty in my lineage but alas have only found a family of bogans, derros, hod-carriers, agricultural labourers and rustic clods. I compiled and maintain the global Snelson DataBase & Index.

I have been involved at a Board level or as the Director, Convenor, Designer or Co-ordinator with the following entities :-

• Director - Southern Cross Connect Pty Limited (Internet Service Provider
• Director - Southern Cross Genealogy (Family History Services);
• Inaugural President - The Rotary Club of Darling Harbour
• Director - The ClaimRoom Pty Limited (Online Dispute Resolution);
• Director - Councillor - The Society of Australian Genealogists (Historical Society)
• Founder and Convenor - The Dead Persons Society Sydney
• Director – Traction Management Services Pty Limited,
• Director - The Royal Exchange (Private Business Club);
• Chairman - Ku-ring-gai Financial Services Ltd (Community Bank);
• Chief Executive – Life Education (NSW);
• Director, Editor and Chief Photographer - Get Shot Magazine;
• Presenter - Get Shot Radio, streaming live around the world every Monday night at 8-00pm;
• Chairman - 2HHHfm 100.1 Radio Station and 2NSBfm 93.1 Radio Stations; and
• Vice President - Hornsby & Ku-ring-gai Rural Fire Service Communications Brigade.

On Tuesday 2nd October, 2007 I was presented with the National Community Award by The Minister for Defence on behalf of the Prime Minister the RH John Howard, being a Certificate of Appreciation "for outstanding service, contribution and dedication to the community". Nice.

Professional Qualifications:-
• FCMA Fellow Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.
• CGMA Chartered Global Management Accountant
• CPA Member Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants