A Snelson DataBase & Armory

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The Snelson DataBase & Armory includes references from sources at St Catherine’s House in London during 1969-1971 and during my activity here in Sydney at The Society of Australian Genealogists where I served on the Council for many years – and was the a founder (along with Max Carrick and Phil Young) of the Sydney Dead Persons Society.

Much knowledge was gleaned from parish registers of births, deaths, marriages, christenings and burials. I also spent some time with the IGI fiche (remember them).

Another fruitful source was found in chartularies, tithe maps, land records, wills and other records.

I have wasted more time than I care to remember with the dead than with the living, poring over census records, scrutinising transportation and shipping lists, groveling around churchyards trying to decypher monument inscriptions, looking at land records and corresponding with the guild and the College of Heralds … when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were still in short pants.

  • [S5751] Census 1861 Cheshire Joseph Snelson Farndon
  • [S5753] Census 1841 Lancashire Thomas Snelson a. 25
  • [S5758] Census 1881 Cheshire Annie Snelson a. 17
  • [S5759] Census 1871 Cheshire Williem Snelson a. 21
  • [S5760] Census 1891 Cheshire William Snelson a. 41
  • [S5763] Court Sentence John Thomas Snelson a.29, Accused: John Thomas Snelson
  • [S5765] Birth Certificate Emma Snelson 1881
  • [S5766] Death Certificate Nellie Fox 1902
  • [S5797] Samuel Snelson 1905, Probate Date: 3 May 1905, Page 158
  • [S5799] Census 1861 Lancashire William Snelson a. 23, Age: 23
    County: Lancashire
  • [S5869] Census 1871 Cheshire Thomas Benyon a. 58, Head: Thomas Benyon
    Age: 58
    County: Cheshire
  • [S5873] Census 1841 Lancashire Thomas Edwardson a. 30, Head: Thomas Edwardson
    Age: 30
    County: Lancashire
  • [S5874] Alison Kelly (nee Fox), According to Alison Kelly
  • [S5875] Alison Kelly, Emails
  • [S5876] Alison Kelly, Critchley of Prescot
  • [S5882] Attestation - Kings Loyal Regiment, Military Unit: Kings Loyal Regiment
  • [S5894] FreeBMD Register
  • [S5896] Census Cheshire 1881 Hannah Roberts a. 29, Head: Jane Snelson {temp absent}
    Age: 29
    County: Cheshire
  • [S5898] Census 1901 Lancashire James Roscoe Snelson a. 30, Head: James Roscoe Snelson
    Age: 30
    County: Lancashire
  • [S5905] Census 1851 Cheshire Samuel Dicken a. 40, Head: Samuel Dicken
    Age: 40
    County: Cheshire
  • [S5907] Census 1901 Derbyshire Ernest Chadburn a. 49, Head: Ernest Chadburn
    Age: 49
    County: Derbyshire
  • [S5916] Sydney Morning Herald, City/state: Sydney
    Item Info: Death Notice
  • [S5917] John Snelson, Sydney Morning Herald
  • [S5922] Brian Hogarth, According to Brian Hogarth
  • [S5923] Lisa Stanway, Thomas The School, Memo: Dear Adrian

    Firstly - congratulations on your database that I stumbled upon, what a resource and a labour of love. I've very much enjoyed looking through it. I think it's likely that we're related as I came across your work googling 'Snelson'. I have been tracing my family back and had come across a baptism record for my ancestor Jane Higham giving her parents as Thomas (gardener) and Mary. Looking through the records for other children I found a marriage which fitted for Mary Snelson and Thomas Higham as parents - right time, occupation and area. Mary Higham appears in the census records with the rest of the family, her birth details are b 1801 in Farndon. Looking through your database this matches exactly with your Mary Snelson. In addition, the Emma Higham who is with Thomas in the 1841 census would be Mary Snelson and Thomas Higham's eldest daughter and so Thomas Snelson's granddaughter. There is a baptism record for Emma confirming her parents as Thomas and
    Mary Snelson.
    So I have details of Mary's children and further descendants if you are interested in adding these to your tree - there's quite a lot of info so I'm not sure the best way to get this to you if you'd like. But thank you for letting me go further back in my tree and finding in you some distant cousin.

    Best wishes
  • [S5933] British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920
  • [S5940] Irish Catholic Registers 1655-1915
  • [S5941] England, Select Marriages, 1538–1973, Memo: England, Marriages, 1538–1973. Salt Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013.
  • [S5942] Lancashire, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812 for Betty Lawranson Info Betty Lawranson - Bishops' Transcripts
  • [S5943] England Select Marriages 1538-1953
  • [S5944] 1939 Register
  • [S5946] National Archives Register 1939
  • [S5947] Medals - Alfred Herbert Roby
  • [S5948] Samuel Snelson 42 Linenhall Street
  • [S5951] Overleigh
  • [S5953] Frodsham Street, St Oswald, Great Boughton
  • [S5954]
  • [S5955] Diocese of Chester parish registers of marriages c1538-1910 John Coventry marriage Margaret Dodd 1810, Parish: St Mary, Chester
  • [S5956] Chester Baptisms Margaret Dodd 1786, Parish: St Oswald, Chester
  • [S5957] Census 1881 Cheshire John Pierce a 38, Head: John Pierce
    Age: 38
    County: Cheshire
  • [S5964] Census 1911 HAB Snelson IoW, Head: HAB Snelson
    Age: 28
  • [S5968] Adrian John Snelson's Archives
  • [S5969] England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1837-1915
  • [S5970] Head: Thomas Pierce
    Age: 45
  • [S5971] Head: John Pierce
    Age: 47
    County: Cheshire
  • [S5972]
  • [S5973] Census 1871 Lancashire John Roby a 35
  • [S5975] Clwyd FHS List of Snelson Entries
  • [S5981] William LESLIE Clarke, Roby of Wavertree
  • [S5982] United Grand Lodge of England Membership Registers
  • [S5983] Margaret Howlett (Webb), Saga of Stanley Arthur Webb
  • [S5986] Tanja Kucharik (nee), Emails from Tanja Arbuthnot
  • [S5990] Marriage St. Peter's, Birkenhead 12 Jan 1869 Samuel Snelson & Sarah Roberts
  • [S5991] Marriage St Pauls, Princes Place, Liverpool 28 May 1863 Thomas Snelson & Agnes James
  • [S5992] Census 1891 Chester RG12 (RG12)
  • [S5993] Census 1891 West Derby, Liverpool RG12 (RG12)
  • [S5994] Census 1939 Huyton With Roby, Liverpool 16 RG101 (RG101/4791C/009/27 Letter Code: NVGO) (RG101)